Today's Date is January 23, 2022


Eric -

This note of thanks is LONG overdue!
I cannot thank you enough for the services you rendered in my time of need! Not only did you figure out (what sounded like) a very tough problem with my software installation, you did it in such a timely manner. I know you had to rearrange your schedule to help me out with my extremely time-sensitive problem; there is no way that I can really thank you for your quick, excellent, and expert help. Oh, if I had just a fraction of your computer knowledge! Thanks for all you did; you can be sure that I will recommend your services to anyone having any sort of computer issue!

Thanks again!

M Kilner
Harford County, MD


Adam was able to get rid of the viruses on my computer and hook up two printers I have. I just want to tell you how happy I was with the service he provided. He was very accommodating in terms of timing and was nice enough to offer to come back if need be to resolve some additional Comcast related issues that had unexpectedly occurred. Thank You!

Hunt Valley

Eric did a fantastic job fixing our broken laptop. What impressed me beyond words was the fact that although he fixed the problem in about 10 minutes, he spent the remaining 50 minutes of the 1-hour appointment cleaning up not only our laptop, but also our desktop (installing better free anti-spam protection, etc.) He said that since we had paid for an hour (minimum rate) we should get that much service! I have never, EVER had a fix-it person in any line of work do that before!

Owings Mills


I can't express my thanks enough to you for getting us back up online so quickly.  I could have lost a lot of business if I had been forced to wait, but it was great of you to open up space for me.  I was also pleased when I saw the bill, because your hard work was also very reasonable.  I'll be sure to pass your cards around to friends in the business.  Sincerely, Todd J., Baltimore 

Jon just left, after arriving right as scheduled, and again we are left with my laptop back up and running, our PC cleaned up and salvaged for, maybe, another year (the old "fogey" Gateway), and a Lexmark printer that just doesn't seem to want to pass paper was reactivated for now. To say the least, we were blessed the day we found Eric and his group - they get it done and done right! Thank you so much for coming to the rescue.

Mr. & Mrs. Fowler

Arnold, Md. 


Data Recovery/Transfer

A hard drive crash doesn't have to be mean the end of your data.  We've got a great track record at recovering documents, photos, music, and other data files that you may have lost. 

If your drive has failed, we'll help you purchase a new one and begin the process of extracting every bit of data we can find.  While there are no guarantees of one hundred percent success, we do have a long list of customers who were very happy with our services.

Have your storage requirements grown?  Would you like a backup or portable drive?  We can help there too.  Upgrading your current system with a bigger hard drive is a relatively simple process.  Once you decide on the best storage device, we'll take care of the rest.  Remember - nothing helps more after a hard drive crash than a solid backup system.  Let us show you how to protect your precious data.

We can provide these solutions on site at your home or business so that your sensitive data never leaves your control.   

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